About us

Caroline Fanning B.E., BCL, MIEI, Solicitor is the Principal of the firm.

The firm was established in January 2007 and is a general practice.

May 2022 Caroline Fanning is an Associate Member of the Institute of Legal Costs Accountants and offers this service to clients both from a mediation perspective and drawing up bills of costs for parties.

We are also a registered trademark agent (RTMA) with the Irish Patents Office.

Caroline Fanning obtained a Certificate in Technology Law in 2020 from the Law Society of Ireland.

Our mission statement is to provide innovative legal solutions in a cost effective and efficient manner. The role of a solicitor in society encompasses shining a light on darkness and to help those who may not otherwise have a voice that is being heard.

Noeline Blackwell in a Law Society of Ireland CPD Wellness related seminar with Antoinette Moriarty describes the reasons someone goes to a solicitor with a problem as being that the solicitor is “somebody who understands something, deals with it and will not be oppressed.”

Caroline Fanning Solicitors endorses this opinion through her lived experience and professionalism.

In the words of a leading travel law Kings Counsel (KC) in England and Wales on 04/10/2023

“You were being so badly treated…They were trying to bully you but you stood up to them.”

The House of Lords in their dicta held that a “willingness to suffer to get Justice” is the truest evidence of sincerity.

In the words of Ben Lionel Scott, Motivational Content Creator, Video Editor and Entrepreneur:

“But is worth fighting it is worth believing it is worth mustering yourself up standing up inside yourself it’s worth fighting relentlessly never giving up I love the sun but things don’t grow because of the sun you have to have some rain and you gotta stop looking at rain in your life as something bad my greatest moments didn’t come from my greatest moments but my greatest moments came from my greatest defeat because it was during my defeat that I had to find a way to get back up you  thought for one minute that you broke me that you got me twisted I am not phenomenally skilled but phenomenally willed I will not give up I will not surrender I will not quit don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop running towards your dream stay encouraged stay encouraged keep your head up stick your chest out continue to walk with pride and know that if it was easy everybody would do it it’s not gonna be easy but we have what it takes the rough times are gonna come but they have not come to stay but they have come to pass don’t say I’m having a bad day say I’m having a character building day”