Intellectual Property Law

Trademark Registration

Very competitive professional fee of €950 plus miscellaneous office outlays €100 plus VAT at 23% (€241.50) totalling €1,291.50 to register a trademark* with the Intellectual Property Office of Ireland (IPOI).

There will be outlays payable to the “Controller of Intellectual Property” ( for the sum of €247.00 (€70.00 per class in respect of initial application fee. If the application is successful, a registration fee of €177.00 in respect of registration fees regardless of the number of classes applied for)

When a trademark application (which contains the minimum information required) is received by the Office, a filing date and application number is assigned and a filing receipt is issued.

The Minimum requirements for a filing date are: –

1. A request to register the Mark (completion of the prescribed application form meets this requirement);

2. The name and address of the person requesting the registration;

3. A representation of the mark – this may be a word and/or a picture/coloured (where applicable) illustration of your trademark (not to exceed 8cm x 8cm);

4. A statement or list of the goods and/or services for which registration of the mark is sought.

*This estimate covers the initial filing of the application with the Office through to receiving the “Certificate of Registration” of your trademark. We would advise that the entire process (where no objections are lodged) can take up to 6/7 months.

Please note that in the event of Litigation arising in the registration of your trademark this estimate does not include litigation fees.

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